10 Of The Best from Bitterwallet's week that was...

Here’s some reheated servings from the feast that has been the past five days at Bitterwallet…

BT are planning to offer Wi-fi from cash machines. How and why is that going to work then?

A guide to flying around in the USA. On planes, not with your own wings. Did we not make that obvious?

Littlewoods have been checking up on dubious voucher use and they’re clawing back the cash.

A silly guide to slashing your energy bills.
So it’s finally gone tits up for Setanta. In our humble opinion, here’s why.

Anyone for a cheeseburger in a can (pictured)? That, and other tinned atrocities here.

HTC’s new Hero smartphone. Because there’s more to life than the iPhone (even though there isn’t)

US-bound holidaymakers are being suckered into stumping up for this fake visa application site.

In this age of transparency, the BBC are fessing up to their expenses. A monkey butler for Alan Yentob? Actually, no.

Ofcom and Sky are going to have a massive fight in the corner of the television regulation playground. Gather round, it’s gonna be a mess.

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  • Antique A.
    "Ten of the best" you claim but there's not a hint of spanking among them. I want my money back!

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