10 cars that'll save you money and save the world

It's difficult to give a damn about the environment when you're eating your own young to survive the swirling vortex of economic doom. And while nobody in their sane mind is considering buying a car right now (unless of course, it's to live in), those frugal folk at Which? have made with the maths to conclude that new motor = saving cash + heal the world (make it a better place).

The Which? Complete Guide to Greener Driving has revealed the top 10 cars for fuel economy to be all diesels; despite costing more than their petrol equivalents, diesel delivers better fuel economy over time. In one instance, it found that a Peugeot 207 driver could save £247 on fuel over 10,000 miles by switching from a petrol engine to the HDi diesel alternative.

But before you hop in your jalopy and make for the nearest showroom, it's worth having a pry at that top 10. Don't worry, staying lean and going green doesn't mean driving a knackered biscuit box.

1 Fiat Panda 1.3 Multijet / Toyota Yaris 1.4 D-4D / VW Polo BlueMotion 1: 60.1mpg

4 Mini Clubman 1.6D Cooper: 58.8mpg

5 Audi A3 1.9 TDIe / Mazda2 1.4D / VW Golf BlueMotion: 57.7mpg

8 Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi 90: 57.6mpg

9 Fiat 500 1.3 Multijet: 56.5mpg

10 Renault Modus 1.5 dci 86: 55.3mpg

Ok, so the top three cars are hardly surprising, but the appearance of both the stylish Mini Clubman and an Audi A3 gives hope to those of you thinking the only option for saving the planet was pouring corn oil into an Invacar:

That's right, absolutely no need to mention the Invacar whatsoever, except to let me reminisce how pointlessly stupid they looked.


  • Paul N.
    Really they should calculate in the carbon cost of producing the car too... I mean if someone wants to be anal on 57.6 to 57.7 they should drill down a bit more ;)
  • eddie
    i want to know how you put the grass on to the car with out it falling off
  • haugoptot

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