Yum Yum - It's The Exhaust Burger!

8 October 2008

Sick of wasting literally minutes queuing for food? That problem could soon be history thanks to the Exhaust Burger.

Designed by some demented Iranians, it attaches on to your exhaust pipe and will cook a quarter-pounder as you drive, ready for you to wolf down once you reach your destination.

Or, if you prefer something a little more ‘exotic’, it’ll even grill some fresh roadkill that you might have gathered during your journey – be the envy of your friends as you arrive at a party chewing away on a delicious piece of fox.

We know what you’re thinking - surely the toxic emissions from the exhaust pipe will poison you to bits as soon as you chow down. Apparently not; but the designers insist that no fumes will come into contact with your food whatsoever.

By looking at the pictures, we’re not entirely convinced, but even though Iran is part of the axis of evil, we’re prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Now all we need is a gear stick that dispenses three types of sauce and mustard and life will be complete….


  • Joe B.
  • Adam
    What if someone steals your burger while you are in a traffic jam? It could happen!
  • Marion M.
    today´s progress in bailiwick form story so overmuch easier than it was before, but older incline to have difficulties in accepting and apprehension

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