Your car gets a workout while you're at the gym

In case you haven't seen this yet, it'll be the best spent 70 seconds of your day. So you've gone to the gym and parked up in the car park. What could possibly go wrong? Your car could be stolen? Possibly, but at least there are security cameras there - otherwise you might have missed this:

If there was a soundtrack, we like to think that it'd feature jaunty whistling from 48 seconds onwards, in a it's-nothing-to-do-with-me stylee.


  • Dai i think this is the soundtrack needed.
  • Lumoruk
    BendyCowgirl says on youtube "You guys must have extremely small penises if you feel the need to make such silly, infantile comments on women drivers... female drivers are better that is why their insurance is half the price of men's! The statistics are all there! This was a stupid incident but doesn't prove a thing about how women drive...but it sure as hell is making you guys look so pathetic I want to turn lesbian! You guys are enough to turn anyone off men for life."
  • Lumoruk
    seems one of them got a brand new car out of it but he doesn't seem too chuffed to get another shit-mobile
  • dunfyboy
    As if we needed another reason to hate beemer drivers.

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