You satnav is misleading you, isn't it?

16 February 2012

carSatnavs have one job - to tell you how to get to your destination. However, 83% of British drivers reckon that they've been misled by their directional gizmo with some even going as far as to blame some car damage on them.

Research from has concluded that satnavs have caused over £200 million worth of damage to drivers on UK roads, thanks to accidents caused by misleading directions.

68% of drivers have worked out that they've ended up doing longer journeys after following the directions given by their gadgets. 45% have felt angry and frustrated while behind the wheel thanks to satnav-rage (which needs a much catchier name), leading to 31% of British motorists spending between £100 – £500 on satnav related car damage.

As Gareth Kloet, Head of Car Insurance at, says: “As car insurance costs continue to rise, it’s never been more important to keep your motoring costs as low as possible. Our research has shown that the satnav is not always the blessing it was once hailed to be and increasingly, motorists appear to be sighting the device as a source of frustration and danger!"

Confused have created a satnav blackspot map, where you can enter details of the ones you've discovered or know about, which they hope "will not only help reduce risk, but we also hope that frustrated drivers get back behind the wheel a little happier."

There is also legislation due, which means that satnav manufacturers will have to update their maps more regularly to prevent this misdirection.

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  • Boris
    I like those old SatNavs where you could record your own voice that you could get in hire cars. All you had to do was record the word "left" instead of the word "right" and vice-versa. "Turn right in 100 meters" Ho ho ho - hours of endless fun with surprisingly few fatal accidents.
  • Mike H.
    Is this why BMW/Audi drivers are so aggressive? Or is it that they have small penises and are unable to perform simple tasks without instruction? "After 100 yards, cut-up the driver in the blue Ford Mondeo, brake harshly, gesture and make yourself feel better for being a wanker by blaming him"
  • Dick
    Most of the problems are down to understanding the settings on your satnav - eg. have you programmed it for the fastest route, or the shortest route. They are rarely the same thing on a 100+ mile journey. Yet the satnav will tend to take you on motorways even if the route is longer, since it means you don't have to drive down B-roads, which might be shorter. As to them causing accidents, that's crap. Bad drivers cause accidents. Not the directions they are following. If you want more notice of a turn, make sure you zoom out of the map a little more, so you can see the turn approaching. Or set the voice warning so that you get more notice.
  • Jada
    Satnav-rage = sav-age (pronounced sav-age, rather than savage)
  • John
    How about GP-stress?
  • The R.
    Citing not sighting

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