Would removing road markings make for better drivers?

old driver car Would you be a better driver if someone removed the white lines on the road? Well, this is something that is being thought about, in a bid to slow people down.

It seems the uncertainty that comes with roads that have no markings, could make things safer. Research is saying that doing this could see average speeds reduced by as much as 13%. Are you thinking this is crazy talk, by any chance?

Either way, there's some pilot schemes happening, which are being drawn up in Norfolk, which would see that lines on narrow roads being erased. There's already been trials in Derby and Wiltshire, and lifted lines have not been replaced on three roads in South London.

Transport for London's experiment said that "removing central white lines resulted in a reduction in vehicle speeds" and that the results displayed a "statistically significant" reduction in vehicle speeds as a result of the removal of central markings. That's because these lines "can provide a psychological sense of confidence to drivers that no vehicles will encroach on ‘their’ side of the road."

"There can also be a tendency for some drivers to position their vehicles close to a white line regardless of the traffic conditions, believing it is their ‘right’ to be in this position" they added.

While some are in favour of this, the AA's head of road policy, while talking to The Times, is not one of them, saying that the white lines saved lives.

So what do you make of this? Do you think a driver's common sense would see that the roads were largely safe, or indeed, do you not like the idea because you worry about the lack of common sense that some people have?


  • Terry B.
    It's hard enough to see the road which is not lit and without 'cats eyes' in the dark without removing a guide of where you are. What a stupid Idea! Get on with thinking about something useful and positive instead.
  • Albi
    I thought this started years ago when all the councils just let all the road markings fade away to nothing? That's what it's like round here anyway
  • jim
    its assholes who drive massive SUV's or 4x4's who cant keep in their own lane. If you are in a large car learn to drive on your own side of the road.
  • Mike
    Yes, clearly, because slowing everyone down still further is the only way to make roads safer. I for one won't sleep easy at night until we're back to the days of a 4mph maximum speed and a man with a red flag walking in front of the car firing flares every 100 yards to warn of its approach.
  • Raggedy
    Would this work the other way too? Drivers slow down because of no road markings, but once they get onto a marked road they increase their speed more than they would normally because now they feel twice as safe.
  • Father J.
    This is as retarded as anything which ever fell out of the collective arse of the DfT. If this idiocy is allowed to spread we will end up with a 'might is right' style free-for-all similar to that enjoyed in such shining beacons of road safety as India. "its assholes who drive massive SUV’s or 4×4′s who cant keep in their own lane." and these are precisely the fuckwits who will profit from such a monumentally stupid act as getting rid of white lines.
  • Steve A.
    What idiots think up this kind of crap?, don't they realise those white markings also give the road better highlight for night time driving!
  • Gas M.
    Does this include giveway lines, if it does then people won't stop!

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