Will your breakdown service cover you for flood?

8 January 2014

If you’re unlucky enough to find your car wheel-deep in floodwater, you would think your friendly breakdown service would give you a hand out of there. But er, no.

car in flood

Drivers who’ve broken down on flooded roads have been finding themselves getting short shrift from breakdown companies, because quite a few of them don’t cover flood damage – instead they ask for a £150 fee to tow you away from the flow.

Scott Kelly from GoCompare warned: ‘Drivers need to be aware that the cover available from breakdown companies varies considerably. If you are unlucky enough to encounter flood water, don’t automatically assume your breakdown company will rescue you for free.’

Obviously, getting your car waterlogged is NOT GOOD, and it can completely bugger up your engine. And if this happens to you, you have to try and get the money back from the insurer - which will also bugger up your no claims bonus.

The advice is to check your policy for exclusions. Some policies, particularly with the AA, can be very vague – so go through it with a fine tooth comb, Or, if life is just too short, take the easiest option and switch to Green Flag. They’re the only major breakdown company that will fish you out for free – unless you’ve done a Jason Bourne and driven off a bridge into a deep river, in which case it’ll cost you. (If you're not dead.)

The good news is their flood policies could change in the future. The RAC have already said it will scrap any fees for flood affected cars - and if the weather keeps getting worse, others will probably have to follow suit...

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  • Jason M.
    Yes you lose your keys, you contaminate your fuel tank with the wrong fuel (eg diesel instead of petrol), you run out of fuel and your car stops or your card is stranded in snow or water..............they all have one thing in common - they are not mechanical breakdowns, which as far as I recall is what the AA/RAC are supposed to cover.

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