Where are the worst traffic jams in UK?

traffic-jam Commuting for drivers is a pain in the rump, but who is worst off? Well, if you're looking at the world, then the poor buggers in Moscow have the grimmest traffic jams in the world where their journeys are 66% longer than they need to be, according to findings from TomTom.

In second place, Istanbul closely followed by Warsaw in third. However, where is the worst place in Britain?

Surprisingly, it isn't London, but rather, Belfast that comes out on top, with Bristol in second place. Birmingham, Leeds and Nottingham all show signs of growing congestion levels and, oddly, Tuesday and Thursday are the worst days for traffic jams.

In Belfast, journeys are 32.1% longer than they need to be, just pipping Bristol where journeys by car are 32% longer. In London, journeys are 27.5% too long and Manchester has a figure of 24.2%.

Still, it isn't all bad news as Marseille, Palermo, Paris, Rome, Stuttgart, Sydney and Los Angeles all have higher congestion levels than the UK. You can have a look at TomTom's findings via this link. You'll have to mess about downloading PDF files, so you probably shouldn't bother.

In other driving news, official figures have noted that petrol sales have crashed with retailers selling 5.4 billion fewer litres than five years ago, with drivers opting for diesel instead.

The AA say: "Soaring pump prices have taken a huge toll on petrol sales more recently - during the 10p-a-litre price surges last March and October, pump sales of petrol fell by up to 5%. The trouble is that, with global economic recovery, the stock market will predict greater oil and fuel demand and push up commodity values accordingly."

If you live in Belfast, expect fuel to be more expensive, which you'll waste in traffic jams.


  • JonB
    Best comment from the beeb story about petrol sales: "Better Engines = Less petrol sold = Less Profit = Price Rise Better Boilers = Less gas sold = Less Profit = Price Rise Better Bulbs = Less electricity sold = Less Profit = Price Rise I think I’ve spotted a pattern here."
  • OldGit
    Not surprised that Nottingham features highly. Knobs at City Council hate cars but love trams, so do everything and anything to 'discourage' car use (have you heard of the Workplace parking levy?). A few weeks ago the new tram works caused severe (ie All day) traffic jams. Smug council Bastards just dont care.
  • Captain W.
    Ever noticed how, despite wanting to discourage car users, some of the biggest car parks available are ... in council offices. Do as we say, not as we do.
  • james d.
    bloody Nottingham council, trying to deal with their congestion problem.
  • OldGit
    Yup, Spend 600 million and 2 years of hell on the roads so that you can replace? the perfectly good bus services (with all the bus lanes etc) with a tram. Oh, and dont get the electorate to pay for it, just the poor bastards who have the misfortune to work in Nottingham. (The ones that have not move out of Nottingham yet because of the WPL)
  • ooooer
    Nothing odd about Tuesdays' and Thursdays' being slowest for traffic since enough people are inclined to take long weekends to make a difference in city traffic levels.
  • Mr M.
    Petrol sales have crashed, presumably because diesel sales have risen, funny how diesel used to be cheaper than petrol...
  • Alex
    Mottram / Glossop is really bad for queues. I drive through it about twice a month. They really need the bypass they proposed about 30 years ago.
  • tom
    Queuing up to see your mum.
  • leeisgood
    Nottingham worse than London. I think not. My average speed on London is 6 mph, in Nottingham 15mph.

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