Wheel clamping outlawed - but will the motorist be any better off?

1 October 2012

clamped1 Good news: as of today, it is illegal for wheel-clampers to ply their murky trade on private land in England and Wales.

Bad news: the rules have changed regarding the issuing of parking tickets on private land, meaning that unpaid charges can be claimed from the keeper of the vehicle in addition to the driver at the time of the ‘offence’.

Additionally, there will be a new independent appeals service, which will be funded by the British Parking Association (BPA) – but where THEY get their money from is anyone’s guess.

The idea of the new appeal scheme is to allow motorists to be protected against rogue wheel-clampers and car-towers. It will allow them to appeal against fines issued by companies belonging to the BPA. Having said that, it occurs to us that the aforementioned rogue wheel-clampers and car-towers won’t sign up for BPA membership and will carry on as before, operating on the wrong side of the law. We could be completely wrong of course – it’s happened before.

Local Transport Minister Norman Baker said: “These new parking arrangements deliver a fairer legal framework for motorists and landowners, while getting rid of the indiscriminate clamping and towing by private companies for good.”

A PDF on the guidance of the new law can be downloaded from the government here – meanwhile, your best port of call for advice on implementation of the new law is the PiPeePoo Fightback forums.

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  • Alexis
    The British Parking Association have helpfully ruled on what the 'POPLA' appeals procedure can actually rule on. And guess what? They've made the grounds so narrow it's virtually impossible for anyone to be successful. Not that anyone needs to, as carry on ignoring is the order of the day in the majority of cases. Still, the 'appeals' procedure isn't legally binding and it costs the private parking company £27+VAT.
  • Haggis
    @ Alexis - My thinking was the same, just continue to ignore tickets issued by private companies. Do we know if the new law impacts this at all though?
  • Dick
    I reckon ignore, ignore, ignore is still the way to go. Has anyone ever been taken to court for a £50+ parking breach of contract.
  • Screamface
    About time... I was fined £490 earlier this year, and it hit my student pocket really hard Of course, to make such a huge fine legal, it was made up of the 'ok' £120 fine, then £80 for a PCN, £250 for a instant call out of a tow truck etc etc.... I appealed, and got no help from the local council
  • Sicknote
    I once had my Range Rover clamped on the end of Ryde Pier on the Isle of Wight; simples I thought and got my massive bolt croppers from the boot and snipped the chain. If anyone knows the scrap value of a clamp you're welcome to fish it from the Solent. About a week later some chap asked was it my Range Rover that he had clamped and I just shrugged my shoulders and sauntered off. Never paid a speculative invoice either and don't even bother responding.
  • Tom
    I once had my Rolls Royce clamped; simples I got my butler to get his cock out and slapped it straight off. If anyone wants to know the scrap value of my butlers cock is you better take it up with him. Oh Rolls Royce.
  • Josh
    I once had my Harrier jump jet clamped; simples, I took off.

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