What is the most stolen car in Britain?

burglar What do you think the most stolen car in Britain is? No, we're not talking about Fred who keeps leaving his car unlocked, despite the fact he's seen his motor taken for 3,592 joyrides by scallies in the last two years.

We're asking which model is stolen most.

Well, according to a new survey, it is the BMW X5. The figures show that, if you want to increase your chances of your motor being nicked, then buy a 4x4 as the top ten of most swiped vehicles is dominated by them. As for the BMW X5 - this is the sixth year in a row that is has topped the stolen table.

BMWs are always prone to catching the eye of burglars and the M3 sits in second place. Jumping into third place this year was another German car - the Mercedes C Class.

Andy Barrs, head of police liaison at Tracker (who compiled the results), said: "The 2014 figures illustrate that prestige models continue to catch the eye of thieves, but the average value of stolen cars we recovered was just £25,600, suggesting that older models of prestige cars could be just as attractive to criminals as newer models."

"Interestingly, the number of vehicles that are being stolen without keys has steadily risen over the last few years, accounting for 43per cent in 2014. We believe this is down to the growth in car hacking where criminals target keyless vehicles by bypassing their security systems, using technology they've bought on the internet."

"Indeed, experts have warned that as keyless security systems become commonplace in cars, the skills to bypass these will be widely practised by most criminals and in turn, lower value keyless vehicles will be equally at risk. We recommend that car owners invest in an added layer of security."

Top 10 most stolen vehicles in 2014:

1. BMW X5
2. BMW M3
3. Mercedes C Class
4. Audi S4
5. BMW M5
6. BMW 3 Series
7. Range Rover Sport
8. Range Rover Vogue
9. Audi S3
10. Mercedes E Class


  • Father J.
    As a motorcyclist this pleases me. The drivers of these very vehicles - large 4x4/epensive German metal - are amongst the most arrogant, selfish and dangerous dickheads on the road. The more of these cuntmobiles that get stolen, burnt out or broken up for parts the better.
  • Peach
    I think it's more like the stupid cunt wipe bikers that decide to pull silly bollocks maneuvers to try and evade that extra 1 whole cars length worth of traffic that are the problem. When one these types of bikers gets flung half way down the road and their heads get smashed in, it's no surprise the way they drive especially round London. Also I'm skeptical on this piss poor excuse of a list, as I'm sure these cars are high targets for some shitty security features and value but I hear way mkr cases of scumbag pikies stealing clapped out old fiestas and the like and I'm sure they are alot easier to steal.
  • Father J.
    ^^this cabbage completely fits the profile for BMW driver. "decide to pull silly bollocks maneuvers to try and evade that extra 1 whole cars length worth of traffic that are the problem" This is typical of the sort of thick cunt that drives the fucknugget carriages on this list. Filtering is legal, cockbreath - get a grown-up to read you the Highway Code and learn something for a change. Or better still, fuck off back to being a Bus Wanker until you get a clue.

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