We'll have driverless cars on UK roads by the end of the year!

gishocar Apparently, we're going to have driverless cars on our roads by the end of this year, the government has said.

In a document called 'Action for Roads', the Department for Transport confirmed that Oxford University brains will start trials of autonomous ghost cars later this year.

The DfT said: "Researchers at Oxford University are currently working with Nissan to... create semi-autonomous cars. These vehicles will have a driver present but are capable of driving fully independently, using knowledge of the environment in which they are driving. A groundbreaking trial of these vehicles on the road is expected to start later this year."

They added: "By 2040, experts expect a world of connected vehicles and road users, where ‘semi-autonomous’ and ‘autonomous’ control of vehicles will be part of life. Vehicles will communicate not only with the road infrastructure, but increasingly with each other. Innovative ways to make vehicles cooperate with one another, such as the "platooning" approach for heavy vehicles on strategic roads, have the potential to make our roads work better for everyone."

Prof Paul Newman, who leads the team working on the cars, said: "It's a great area to be working in because it's IT and computers and that's what changes things. The British government sees that engineering is important."


  • Jeremy
    Will it work for my bicycle?
  • fibbingarchie
    I welcome this, the less freedom fucktards have on the road, the better. I was driving behind some fucktard today who stopped at every roundabout before deciding if it was safe to navigate through it, despite being able to quite clearly see for some time on the approach to the said roundabouts that it would be clear to go. Fucking fucktard drivers.
  • fibbingarchie
    If you were going to make a car that looked like a shoe, why would make it a turd brown formal article like the one pictured? Surely a nice, navy coloured, casual loafer would be much cooler?
  • Captain.Cretin
    We have driverless cars now - I see people staring down at their laps (texting) nearly every day - often at very close range, as their cars wander across the road at me!!!!!
  • Captain.Cretin
    PS, the shoe car (show car geddit??) was an art project for a Chinese student a few years ago; I remember seeing the news item on weirdasianews.com
  • Mine's P.
    So, if I'm not driving, can I get pissed?
  • B. O.
    I think we should all have the freedom to drive how we like. For instance, this morning, this wanker was driving right up my arse, so I purposely stopped at every roundabout even though you could clearly see it would be safe to go. Seemed to get him really riled - ha ha!
  • badger
    ^ Class act ^
  • Dick
    I just hope they don't rely on google maps to get around.
  • fibbingarchie
    @ B. Obvious That joke was V. Obvious, must try harder.
  • B. O.
    @fibbingarchie Getting angry with drivers who aren't as dangerously aggressive as you on the roads is V. Obvious. Get a life.
  • DVLA N.
    As great as it sounds, they will only be tested at the end of this year.

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