Want to test a self-driving car? You can!

Test drive a self driving car

Self-driving cars may still seem like something from The Jetsons or The Fifth Element, because no-one's got the chance to have a go in them. So far, only developers and proper testers have got to use them, rather than Sid from down the pub.

Well, that's all about to change, as the members of the British public are being offered the chance, provided they tell all about their experience afterwards.

The UK Smart Mobility Living Lab in Greenwich, who are working with the government's Greenwich Automated Transport Environment scheme, is looking for someone who can try these vehicles out and blab about them in the form of feedback.

You'll need to register before you get to ride in one of these magic cars, which you can do here.

Professor Nick Reed, who is the director of the UK's Transport Research Laboratory and technical lead of the GATEway project, says: "Testing these vehicles in a living environment, like the UK Smart Mobility Living Lab, takes the concept from fiction to reality."

"It gives the public a chance to experience what it's like to ride in an automated vehicle and to make their own mind up as to how much they like it, trust it and could accept it as a service in the city."

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