VW's new folding bik.e is given the boot

Like to laugh at people carrying folding bikes on the train, do you? Mock them for not having a proper bicycle, like a Raleigh Grifter? Good, us too. But if they had one of these, we'd let them off.

It's the bik.e, and it was unveiled last week by Volkswagon at a motor show in China. It folds up and is stored in the boot, is charged by the car, has a 12.5 mile range  and a top speed of 12.5 mph. It's conceptual for the time being, but analysts seem to think it's likely that VW will take it forward:


  • Internet T.
    Brilliant idea - also saves you money in that you don't need to bother with any of that spare wheel rubbish clogging up that well in the boot.
  • confused
    Ahhh I've worked it out now you store the bike in the boot :) Not a pun though as they're not ditching it :)
  • Adebisi
    You can now drive to the pub, get pissed and legally ride home on this and return to the car when sober. Great!
  • Bullet
    @ Adebisi You are thinking of the P-Bik, that ones the E-Bik.
  • Alexis
    It's Volkswagen! They make the same mistake on the 'My Text Check' ad. The text is displayed as a Volkwagon Golf R32
  • kully
    You can't ride a normal bicycle drunk, so I don't see how this will be legal :-)
  • Lumoruk
    yes you can Kully, as long as you are not dangerously out of control. Was stopped by the police after having no lights on, he asked if I had been drinking I said yes guv 3 pints. Told me to turn my lights on and sent me on my way, no breath check.
  • (jah) w.
    Drunk in charge of a bicycle IS a punishable offence, but most people won't get charged. If the popo don't like the look of you, or if you are known to them and they want to take the piss then expect to be charged. check RTA 1988 s30 (and the original licensing act), and if found to be riding dangerously then you are looking at a fine upto a few thousand £ukp. At least you won't lose your license. =]
    It will be strangled at birth by the bunch we call Govt.
  • Lumoruk
    As I said wobbly, you have to be drunk. 3 pints didn't make me drunk. I did however on a separate occasion drink 10 cans of stella and ride 10 miles. That would have come under that act.

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