VW compensation for emissions scandal - also, linked to deaths

car pollution A study in the US reckons that, Volkswagen's rigging of its cars to cheat on emissions tests, could cause approximately 60 deaths in America by the end of 2016. In the UK, there's also been similar claims.

Not only that is hanging over VW's heads - there's also the small matter of compensation for drivers who bought cars that weren't nearly as clean as thought. Patrick McLoughlin, the transport secretary, says that the car-maker has got to start financially addressing this problem by compensating motorists.

When asked whether VW should meet the full financial implications of falling resale values, McLoughlin said: "That is one of the issues which I think VW will have to address in due course."

He added: "I will be looking to Volkswagen who have, it has to be said, acted disgracefully in this whole episode, to ensure that they live up to the expectations which they promised originally. We will be working to make sure that does happen."

Around 11 million vehicles worldwide, were fitted with the cheat-device, and in preparation, they've put aside £4.4bn to cover the costs of recalling the vehicles. However, this figure is absolutely going to rocket, once the legal action starts rolling in, not to mention fines and the aforementioned compensation.

Volkswagen have hired accountancy firm Deloitte, and law business called Jones Day, to find out who is responsible for this device. It is thought that a group of between 10 and 20 employees were at the centre of this scandal.

While this trundles on, there's a big sense that a number of other car-makers are going to be having their own emissions scandals with cheat devices and the like. It is worth pointing out that no other manufacturer has admitted to using these defeat devices, and no-one has been rumbled for using them, but it is only a matter of time before another company gets embroiled in all this, as there's concerns about this being an industry-wide practice.

We'll have to wait and see. Until then, pressure will be continually applied to VW, to compensate those affected by this scandal.

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