VW to pay $10.2bn over emissions

VW to pay $10.2bn over emissions

Volkswagen are going to spend around $10.2 billion to sort out the emissions cheat scandal, in the US alone.

Most of this money is going to go toward compensating 482,000 owners of cars with 2-litre diesel engines, which were fitted with cheat software which would turn on emissions controls while undergoing government tests.

It was found that affected cars were emitting over 40 times the legal limit of nitrogen oxide. As a result, the value of VW cars has declined, as well as the value of the company itself.

Volkswagen will no doubt offer to fix the cars for free, or there might be a case where owners will be able to sell their vehicles back to VW.

There's no final settlement as of yet, so the details of that have to be hashed out before any drivers get compensated.

Of course, this is only in America, and seeing as vehicles were affected all over the globe, there's still a long way to go before this gets fully resolved.

Lawsuits are still ongoing, and authorities still have to get their cases in order, before they issue fines for environmental damage, among other things.

There's somewhere in the region of 11 million cars worldwide which were fitted with this cheating software, so there's some way to go before this all gets sorted out.

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