VW to compensate drivers to clear up emissions scandal

21 April 2016

The Volkswagen emissions scandal has trundled on, and it looks like the car maker would like to see an end to it.

It looks like VW will be outlining a deal where they compensate American owners of around 600,000 diesel cars which were fitted with software which was put there to cheat emissions tests.

Should US drivers get a deal like this, then other countries will no doubt try and broker a similar deal for their affected drivers.

It has been reported that a judge in San Francisco is going to be briefed on the agreement at some point today, after the US government and its lawyers held talks with Volkswagen.

It seems that, thanks to a "deal in principle", the car manufacturer is going to spend over $1 billion in a bid to compensate owners of the affected vehicles, and that they may also offer to buy back some of the cars.

Of course, they won't be buying back the vehicles of everyone who has been affected by this, and VW will have to work out the criteria for which they'll do this. They'll have to look at the age of the car, and what model it is, before making any such offer.

There's no news on what level of compensation is going to be offered, but the 1.2 million people who bought these vehicles in the UK will want some answers, and soon.

The cheat device was put in 11 million cars worldwide.

For all information about the VW emissions scandal, head over to Volkswagen's dedicated page and enter your details, here.

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    Compensating US owners, but what about UK? Ambiguous title 

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