VW quietly launch websites so you can check if your car is affected by emissions scandal

Volkswagen-Logo After all that emissions scandal nonsense concerning Volkswagen, it turns out that VW are testing a new system which will alert drivers whether or not they are affected by the the whole thing.

On the quiet, Volkswagen and Audi sites are already being tested, while the Skoda and SEAT sites are going to be up and raring to go soon enough.

So, if you think you have a car that has the dodgy software that has been lying about the amount of emissions it puts out, you can go and check on the sites now.

Click here to go to the VW website

Click here to go to the Audi website

Click here to go to the Skoda website

Click here to go to the SEAT website

A lot of drivers will have a lot of questions that need answering about all this. There's a screengrab below, and we're sure that VW and related companies will be getting in touch soon. You can start your own investigations now.


Matthias Müller, he's the new Volkswagen chief executive, said that they should start recalling vehicles in January and complete repairs by the end of 2016.


  • jim
    cool thanks for these links. also can i get a job ! - joking
  • Billy F.
    I have a silver 2012 Skoda Superb. There is a dent in the rear passenger door. Does my car need to be recalled?
  • Angry R.
    Someone in a silver 2012 Skoda Superb knocked me off my bike the other day by stupidly opening their door into the cycle lane. Can I claim against the manufacturer. Hey....wait a minute...
  • Ambulance c.
    Where there is blame... There might be a claim. These silver Skoda drivers are known to us.

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