VW finally commits to dieselgate fix

VW finally commits to dieselgate fix

It feels like Wolkswagen's emissions scandal happened a million years ago, and not a great deal has happened since then.

Well, at long last, the European Commission say that VW have given a commitment to have all the affected vehicles sorted out, repaired, and everything by autumn 2017.

That'd be cars in the EU, for the record.

Consumer Commissioner Vera Jourová met with Volkswagen's people, and she said: "VW committed to an EU-wide action plan today, which is an important step towards a fair treatment of consumers in the EU."

"I will closely monitor this commitment and continue to work with consumer organisations, authorities and VW."

No news of any compensation for anyone as yet. You'd hope that this issue is one of the things being thrashed out in the current meetings.

1.2 million drivers are affected from the UK, and we've previously asked why UK drivers are not getting compensation like those in the US have.

In The States, VW motorists are looking at getting $10,000 each.

Why should drivers be compensated? For starters, they've been lied to. More practically, they could be looking at a loss of resale value, which will hit them in the pocket.

Inquiries by a number of regulators in Europe are ongoing.

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