VW drivers will want compensation for the emissions scandal

15 October 2015

car pollution The emissions scandal involving Volkswagen & Chums, is far from over. With recalls set to start early next year, with around 1.2 million vehicles affected in the UK, VW have said that their 2016 diesel models have the dodgy software that's been causing all this mess, as well.

In addition to that, a Which!!! survey showed that 9 our of 10 Volkswagen drivers in the UK think they should get compensation, which is going to heap even more pressure on the car maker.

A lot of VW drivers say that fuel efficiency and the environmental impact of their car, are huge deciding factors when buying a vehicle. The Which!!! survey backs that up, with 96% saying that fuel efficiency was key, with 90% saying that it matters to them that their car is green.

Which!!! executive director Richard Lloyd said: "Many VW owners tell us they decided to buy their car based on its efficiency and low environmental impact, so it's outrageous that VW aren't being clear with their customers about how and when they will be compensated."

"Volkswagen UK must set out an urgent timetable for redress to the owners of the affected vehicles."

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    Was I mis-sold a mortage? NO Did I have PPI? NO According to our records have I been in a car accident? NO Am I sure I didn't have PPI? YES Can I speak to the householder? NO and now: According to our records you bought a VW on the basis of its low emissions and you could be due compensations........

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