Volvo invent a new bike helmet

volvo helmet Volvo have invented a new bike helmet.

The usually-best-known-for-cars company, have teamed up with POC and Ericsson, the helmet helps to connect cyclists up to an app called Strava, which shares their location with the Volvo cloud, so that people in Volvos can detect where they are on the road.

The helmet even has a warning light built in, and flashes red in front of a bicyclist’s face if a car is approaching or crossing their intended path.

It's in its early stages at the moment, as things have to be able to be how quick a response the app can provide, when the cyclist is using it.

And it could go the way of the sat nav, randomly sending cyclists too concerned with the app into nearby lakes and the like.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that in some countries cyclists and pedestrians constitute over 75% of road deaths. Volvo's Vice President Klas Bendrick said that the firm is "getting ever closer to eliminating the remaining blind spots between cars and cyclists".

"Our mission is to do the best we can to possibly save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists," said Stefan Ytterborn, CEO and founder of POC. "The partnership with Volvo Cars aligns very well with our mission and we are excited to see how we can contribute to cyclist safety and increase interaction between cars and cyclists alike."

It is at this point that we suggest drivers moan about cyclists running red-lights and cyclists, likewise, point out that drivers are thick for saying "why don't you pay road tax?"

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  • mr b.
    bit pointless for next 20 years as all cars need to have a device as well

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