Volkswagen to fix up emissions scandal

Volkswagen-Logo Volkswagen have sent out a letter to their UK customers, saying sorry about the whole emissions-cheat scandal.

The car-maker said that around 11 million vehicles worldwide have been affected, pumping out nitrogen oxides well over the legal limit. And so, in the New Year, they're going to start fixing the problem, which they caused themselves.

"We’re offering solutions, technical solutions, that do not impact the performance of our cars," claimed Matthias Müller, VW chief executive. "If they do, that impact will be marginal and negligible. You won’t be able to feel it."

Once this problem has been sorted, they'll still have the fallout of the countless investigations and lawsuits that are coming their way.

In addition to that, there's going to be a lot of people looking very, very carefully at the performance of VW cars, and if it found that there's been a negative impact, there'll be a lot of bad PR, angry customers, and possibly people suing for damages (there's already around 500 class action lawsuits in America over this).

The good news, if you're not too bothered by all this, is that your car will be fixed for free and the work to sort all this out shouldn't take much longer than 30 minutes to sort out.

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  • Gas m.
    You can't not be bothered by this as a VW owner, fixed or un-fixed you car has had its value knocked significantly because of this issue. It's ok though, VW are offering a £1000 loyalty bonus to existing VW owners, aren't they generous.

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