Volkswagen emissions scandal rumbles on and is 'worse than the plague'

Volkswagen-Logo Volkswagen have been apologising for the emissions nonsense that has been going on with their cars, and it is getting worse for the car maker. They've acknowledged that 11 million vehicles worldwide are fitted with this dodgy software which cheat emissions tests.

VW have also taken a £4.7 billion profit hit, in a bid to sort this out. Other brands that will be affected are Audi and Skoda, and of course, environmental agencies are very unhappy about the cars that have been parping out too much pollution.

Simon Birkett from the Clean Air in London campaign says: "Everybody has been affected by diesel emissions - we know it has killed people. Even the black plague only affected a finite number of people. There’s nothing on this scale in history to my knowledge."

It has been estimated that 50,000 people in the UK suffer premature deaths, thanks to the nitrogen oxide that is emitted by diesel vehicles.

Volkswagen is not even the worst offender.

The folks at the Institution of Air Quality Management have knocked up a little infographic, which enables us to see how car manufacturers exceed the diesel emission limit, which has bee set by EU law.


The vehicle recall on this is going to be huge.


  • Dan
    As long as the fix doesn't affect vehicle performance then I am happy.
  • monkeyhanger
    Picking up a brand new Audi A1 1.6TDI Sport for the missus on Saturday! Rang up Audi UK this morning hoping they'd have something to say about implications for the car down the line (residuals, a fix that negatively affects performance or economy etc.). I got the phone equivalent of them shrugging their shoulders. I believe that it'll come out that all the marques are at it, but was still hoping to get a free service pack etc!
  • CapitalistBitchBoy
    I've got a Golf 2.0 TDi 150PS. Its a sweet drive and fuel economy makes my Commie mates who drive petrol cars cry (typically 60-68 mpg on my commute to work - non-motorway). And I rag it on the cuntry roads as well. If those b'stards tinker with the ECU to "fix" this - then I'll be straight off to SuperChips for a BlueFin for the remap up to 184PS.

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