Video: How NOT to deal with a speeding ticket

This very educational video shows you exactly what you must do if you ever get a speeding ticket from a cop. That is, if you want jail time.

"Yes sir, I shall do the right thing, and complain to the Chief of Police indeed."


  • Andre
    Hilarous! Absolute mint!
  • fred
    We expected a police chase and / or assault but we got this instead. Very funny.
  • Vince W.
    glad u guys like it. i can't figure out if he did that deliberately though...
  • Jack
    lol - great vid. I'd laugh if it was a fault, but probably its deliberate
  • Vince W.
    but Jack, did you hear how he spoke to the cop at the start? he sounded really friendly and polite! He even switched on the blinker! Passive aggression? lol

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