UK to get digital driving licence?

Digital driving licence

Ever wanted a digital version of your driving licence? Well, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in the UK is looking at exactly that, so you can have a smartphone version of your licence.

Chief executive Oliver Morley shared a tweet, which showed off a prototype, which uses Apple's Wallet app on an iPhone. He referred to this as an additional thing, rather than a replacement.

Apple's Wallet already has the ability to store your boarding passes, gift cards, store discount cards, and of course your bank details, so this makes a lot of sense.

Payment info is securely encrypted end-to-end, and you authorise it using a code, or if you prefer, your fingerprint.

This is similar to the news from DeLaRue, who just so happen to print British banknotes and passports, who said that they're already looking at paperless passports for everyone in the UK.

One good thing about this digital counterpart, is that you might be able to change your details more easily.

If you needed to do an address change, register to become an organ donor, you'd potentially be able to do it through your phone without loads of faffing around.

Digital licences are cropping up around the world, and it looks like the UK will have one by the time 2018 rolls around.

You up for it? Or do you not trust the whole notion, until you're convinced mobile security is up to scratch?

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