UK motorists get free fuel thanks to our rubbish pumps

petrolpumpThe AA have been doing some tests and, it turns out that UK drivers have been getting a load of free fuel because our petrol pumps don't work properly. The test arose after drivers complained that they weren't getting value for money at petrol stations.

Instead of finding that motorists hadn't been getting what they'd paid for, the AA actually found that drivers were getting 4.4 per cent more fuel on average than they were paying for. The AA said Trading Standards officers had found that, in some cases, the pumps were giving out 6p a litre extra in fuel for free.

Now that's out in the open, it invariably won't last. So thanks complaining idiots.

AA president Edmund King said: "Some drivers have been benefiting from a lucky dip at the pumps, getting more fuel than they pay for. Inevitably, some motorists are watching their gauges like hawks and complaining to Trading Standards."

Of course, it is a good thing that drivers have been getting some fuel for free because it is furiously overpriced in the UK. Prices reached a record high in 2012 and, coupled with everyone being broke, the government decided to buckle under public pressure and postpone a planned 3p a litre increase.


  • Mustapha S.
    Serves the moaning penniless twats right.
  • zeddy
    "some motorists are watching their gauges like hawks" What kind of gauges do hawks watch?
  • catweazle
    the pumps were giving out 6p a litre extra in fuel for free. Do they mean 6p worth of fuel free, that's less than 2 teaspoon,s, and would probably evaporate by the time it reached the tank.
  • Chewbacca
    "it is furiously overpriced in the UK" BW, have you BEEN abroad recently? We're not even the most expensive in Europe! Slightly out of date now, but still illustrates my point:
  • captain c.
    My personal experience has always been pumps that OVER read; perhaps the AA would like to test my local Morrisons, where I have complained several times that the pump has shown me filling my tank with several litres MORE than the tank is supposed to hold; bearing in mind I didnt push my car to the pump, so there was already some fuel in the tank when I started to fill. As for Mustapha's comments, I think we all know who the twat is.
  • james d.
    Captain cretin that's a terrible test. Just fill a jerry can with 5l of water, make a line, let it dry and then fill the jerry can with what the meter says is 5l of fuel compare.... or 2 l or whatever
  • Faulty m.
    [...] fact it was good that some fortunate motorists had been receiving free fuel as it has been exorbitantly over charged in the United Kingdom. In the current year the prices of [...]

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