Thousands of parking fines to be overturned?


Motorists! Instead of feeling your arse grow, read this as it could potentially see you making some cash back.

How? Well, the High Court is currently mulling over a case which could see millions of pounds worth of parking tickets getting torn up across the country.

You'll need to thank campaigner Neil Herron who, if he wins the case, could see thousands of parking tickets becoming invalid which means you, y'reckless tits, could apply to the courts to have your fines overturned.

Herron began his parking campaign in 2005 after he challenged the local council's parking rules on collecting Penalty Charge Notices in frustration at the parking rules, which he claims were flawed, report Sky News.

He believes that the council is at fault in issuing parking tickets within a Controlled Parking Zone and that the council has never actually put an order in place to allow the CPZ to come into effect, which means all parking tickets issued within it are not valid.

He says: "If local authorities are going to issue tickets to motorists they have to comply with the law. You can't break the law to enforce it.

"Councils have failed to follow the law themselves but fine motorists for the most minor of technical breaches such as parking an inch out of a bay or being a few minutes late back to a meter.

"People forget that local councils are civil servants who were originally tasked with managing kerb space, not using ticketing as a stealth tax."

There's more on the case here. Now cheer Mr Herron on!


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