Thinking of driving carelessly? Look into the blood-crying eyes of a child and think again.

Here in the UK, our anti-drink driving and anti-speeding ad campaigns are seen as pretty near the knuckle, with graphic scenes of accidents par for the course. But they’re nothing compared to the fucked-up shit that the New Zealanders come up with.

As part of a past campaign, this leaflet (pictured right) featuring a squashed child was attached to the windscreens of motorists parked in the vicinity of schools, as a warning about what could happen if they let their concentration lapse.

Now, in addition to this slightly terrifying anti-drink driving ad, the powers-that-be have pulled off their most dramatic piece of work yet – a billboard starring a kid who cries blood whenever it rains. Seen to be believed people, seen to be believed.


  • Junkyard
    I'm deeply disappointed that this is the only article tagged with "blood eyes". Try harder people.
  • TV' P.
    I'd do the news reader in her naught.
  • We'reAllDoomed
    Assuming drivers dont look to see if the novel posters are crying when its raining*, instead of keeping an eye of the road, it will work. *Chances are slim.
  • Amanda H.
    Can't wait for the next tampon billboards.

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