The UK was 6 hours away from running out of gas?

 Dramatically, Britain was six hours away from running out of gas in March. We can only imagine the apocalyptic world that would've happened minutes after that. Public floggings, cannibalism, people using electricity... all manner of weird shit.

Anyway, high demand during the record cold snap in March, combined with a pipeline fault saw gas stores "dangerously low", the Crown Estate said.

At the time, reports said we were actually 2 days away from running out of gas, but the Crown Estate, which manages the Queen's property portfolio including vast underground gas caverns (which sound like insane James Bond places) said it came even closer to doom.

Rob Hastings, energy and infrastructure director at the Crown Estate, was reported by the Financial Times as saying: "We really only had six hours' worth of gas left in storage as a buffer. If it had run any lower it would have meant interruptions to supply. The bottom line is that in the UK we are in a place where the gas supply is dangerously low."

Nick Winser, executive director of National Grid, said: "It is true that there wasn't a huge amount of storage left - but there never is at the end of winter. The UK has low storage levels by international standards, but there is a large diversity of (supply) sources. Our gas supply resilience is quite substantial."


  • tom
    OMG OMG OMG, I hope they put the price up to help alleviate this in the future.
  • Zeddy
    Save gas, fart in a jar.
  • Zleet
    We need larger storage facilities like the rest of europe so we can buy gas when its cheap in summer.
  • Joe B.
    "Britain was six hours away from running out of gas in March. We can only imagine the apocalyptic world that would’ve happened minutes after that." Umm, the industrial consumers of gas that pay for a cheaper interruptible supply of gas would have had their supply shut down for a short period to ensure that ordinary consumers didn't notice. Yeh, real end of world stuff -

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