The number plate, yours for £1million

The X1 number plate is up for grabs and was one of the first issued in the UK. First doled out in 1903 by Northumberland City Council to the chairman of a Tynemouth committee that helped get rid of the law that limited cars to just 4mph.

This law, known as 'red flag', required someone to walk in front of a car holding a red flag to warn others of the car’s presence. It sounds ludicrous, as did the cars themselves no doubt.


And now, this historic number plate is up for sale by Regtransfers and will be sold in an online auction. It is expected that it'll go in advance of a million and will become the UK’s most expensive number plate ever by some distance (the previous record was £375,000 for the reg, F1).



  • badger
    What's that car it's pictured on?
  • terry
    the number plate in the picture says X-1 not X1 shoddy
  • Clunge
    I'd rather have C1 JNT for a fraction of the price.
  • Al
    Northumberland is a county, not a city
  • Me
    Some rich Arab cunt will buy... I dont give a fuck anyway.
  • Dick
    As Paul Daniels once drove, that's MAG1C
  • Alex
    Regtransfers? They offered a pittance to buy 1T and 1CAR from someone I knew. 1T has to be worth more than X1...
  • Gary M.
    We got a great number plate for sale spelling ARABS, surely this could be up there with X1 and be a perfect car reg plate for the many wealthy Arabs now floating round London?

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