The Elbow-Chewing Awards - Yellow Peril

Imagine you were a comedy sketch writer. Say you came up with a sketch where council workers turned up in a quiet street, moved an unattended car so they could paint double yellow lines on the road where it was parked, then moved it back over the fresh yellow lines and slapped a ticket on it for being illegally parked.

Pretty funny stuff – a wry comment on the madness of bureaucratic Britain. Hardly worthy of Little Britain as no one gets sprayed with bodily fluids and there’s precious little mockery of minorities, but there you go. Woah – hold on. It’s not a comedy sketch; it’s really real.

It was like this, but worse

Step forward the assorted idiots who operate on behalf of Lambeth City Council for it was they.

They’re the first nominees in our new Elbow Chewing Award, so named because the gross stupidity involved makes you want to gnaw frantically at your own arm hinges. If you come across a similar example of wild, honking arsiness from cack-minded officialdom, drop us a line, and we’ll award a hastily-made trophy to the winning organisation.

Although to be fair, this one’s going to take some beating.

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