The doggie bag you probably shouldn't take home

Following on from the rampant futurism of the ghost/devil-killing machine that we brought you yesterday, here’s a look back at a similar genius invention from 1936 that somehow DIDN’T catch on.

We suppose that the only reason it didn’t take off was because cars with running boards stopped being made. Or maybe one of the dogs themselves actually took off. Mmm, yeah, could have been that.


  • agaveworm
    Would the dog stick it's head INSIDE the car when travelling?
  • Amanda H.
    One Question... How does the guy get out of the car without ripping the dogs head off?
  • Jimbob
    The news on BW is going further back now...Next story...WWI! That is a crazy arse invention...what if you have a crash? Dog gibs!
  • Andy D.
    Next week on BW - the Spinning Jenny! Every 18th century textiles factory should have one!
  • acecatcher3
    thanks andy, ill see if i can still buy one for when my mum comes in the car with me....she stinks.

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