The curse of the killer flip flops

Many things cause car crashes – stupidity, texting, not paying attention, - but it would appear that the worst offender of all is…flip flops.

flip flops

Yes, not only are flip flops are vile, but they've been proved to reduce braking times, and could be responsible for over 1.4 million accidents in the UK alone. In a poll carried out by Sheila’s Wheels, 1 in 3 people said they had driven wearing flip flops, and 27% of drivers admitted they’d got their foot caught under pedals or had near misses as a result.

More than half the 1055 motorists who took part in the survey also said they’d like to see tougher guidelines about the kind of footwear that's suitable to drive in. And the worst driving shoes were (in order of danger): Flip flops, bare feet, wedge heels, espadrilles and sandals.

Of course, some surveys are dodgier than others, and guess what? Sheila’s Wheels have developed a special shoe cover with extra foot support which you can keep in your glove compartment and attach to the bottom of your flip flop before you drive. They’re calling it ‘the ultimate summer car accessory.’

Hmmm. How about (as it’s nearly autumn, anyway), you just bin your stinky £3 Asda flip flops and wear another pair of shoes that don't cause you to mow down pedestrians and die?

Just a thought.


  • Yog S.
    They tested this on a TV show and it showed no difference for any type of shoe, even high heels, for safety.
  • jokester
    Back in April, I got hit by a Range Rover Sport partly because the dozy bitch driving it was wearing stilettos. My car was a write off and I'm in physio because of it. I also suspect she was either doing her makeup or something because there was no way she was looking where she was going... @Yog S - Sounds like a piss poor TV show that couldn't even do a simple experiment right.
  • Mr. P.
    I thought the point of Shielas Wheels was that their premiums were lower because women were less likely to have accidents? No, honest.
  • Big M.
    @Jokester Sounds like you've been involved in an accident that wasn't your fault. If only there were companies that could help you in such situation. For when a sorry is not good enough.
  • Gherkin M.
    "but they’ve been proved to reduce braking times" Sounds like a good thing to me - Honestly, is it monkeys or pre-school children that write this (or pre-school monkeys).
  • Big M.
    Sheila's Wheels have also revealed a special dashboard jam-rag holder, 'the ultimate Autumn (or any time) accessory'.

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