The Carstache - because no car can look too ridiculous

It's a scientific fact that people with mustaches are evil and not to be trusted. Hitler? Case closed. Magnum? Sure, he pretended to be nice, but he was paid money to spy on people and that's not very nice, is it? Mister Bronson in Grange Hill? Exactly. And that actor also played Hitler on several occasions. Coincidence?

So what to make of the latest car accessory that nobody is talking about. It's the Carstache, everyone! It'll certainly cheer up any jalopy you fix it to, but that'll be little consolation when you never get your yankee-doodle again.  Then your car will probably be possessed in a Christine-inspired automotive nightmare, you goddamn Nazi. Mustaches - they're not for right-minded people:

Bitterwallet - Carstache


  • A P.
  • Internet t.
    Yes - moustache, you bunch of Yank wannabes
  • Whisky
    Running around California with a great big fluffy moustache over the radiator? I can't possibly see the flaw in that idea.
  • kev
    still got nothing on Isaac Hayes' bonnet chanaliers in Escape From New York

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