The car park ticket machine that hands out positive life advice...

22 January 2010

Spotted in Durham's Walkergate car park by avid Bitterwallet editor Andy Dawson...


TOPICS:   Motoring


  • Dj_urban
    Best pic of the morning, Is a book included?
  • Gunn
    Must be a bad translation from another language, Surely it should be "Change available"
  • Liam
    What went unreported is that on the back of the ticket you get a lovely picture of Barack Obama.
  • Mike B.
    Great advice from an inanimate object!
  • jamie
    £1 parking, now thats gotta be a red hot deal
  • pauski
    Do you know anyone that has a Diners Club card?
  • Tom
    I don't get it. And i don't mean sex.
  • Mark
    We get the same in Eastleigh car parks ... exciting eh!!

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