The barking parking that's sparking fights

If you're looking for some übertosh to pass away your Friday afternoon, look no further than - dozens of images of wanker drivers from around the world who lack all sense of social etiquette, manners or depth perception:

Bitterwallet - crap parking


  • ElBuc
    Why can't they just make a site that you can just scroll down? TOO MANY THUMBNAIL CLICKS!
  • MrRobin
    Blocked by the work firewall. Bollocks. Was looking for something trivial to fill my afternoon with.
  • Ronnie
    he's only parked like that because some dick will come along and open their door on to his lovely TT. don't blame him.
  • Klingelton
    and now some prick (me) will take their keys to his beloved paintwork. muwuhahahahahahahaaa.
  • Nobby
    Quite a few of them deserve a keying.
  • Ronnie
    and that's why carparks have cctv to catch other pricks (like you) keying cars.
  • tits
    i have no problem with parking like this. its the assholes who have no disregard for other peoples property and slam their doors wide open and dent doors etc.
  • I'm p.
    No disregard = regard So they would look after other people's property
  • PaulH
    I'm with "tits" on this one...
  • Fifi
    @ElBuc - try the slideshow option ;-))
  • Helen
    ElBuc, is perhaps easier to navigate...
  • Fella-Tio
    I started parking like this 2 years ago after having all my previous motors dented scrapped etc by idiots parking to the side of me WAY too close
  • Jimbo
    Spaces are so small, and people are so fucking fat, only solution is to double park if you don't want dents all over your doors. So I do. Always park as far away from the entrances in an empty part of the car park though...
  • Jack
    Those fuckers, probably the same people that do this -
  • Jack
    And lol @ - good idea, but fucking stupid site, and photoshopped images
  • Pete
    I too am sick of people marking my car with their doors and spend lots of time finding edge spaces to avoid this. It's also a case of practicality. My sports car doors open very wide which make it difficult to get out of the car in the tiny amount of room these car park planners allow.

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