Thanks to our employers, say hello to road tolls!

8 October 2012

toll bridgeHey! Drivers! Paying too much for your car? The insurance and fuel prices making you a constant knot of despair and anger? Is the tax hammering you into the ground leaving you wanting to mow down every single human you come across?

Say hello to road tolls.

According to the CBI, the way roads are paid for is in need of overhaul, which basically translates into the introduction of "user charges", or, you paying-as-you-go on the roads.

Now, with this in mind, drivers will be rightly angry because of the £48.2 billion pot of motoring tax, only £10 billion of that is actually put back  into improving and maintaining our grotty road network. Thanks to cars being more fuel-efficient, you've finally started saving a bit of money, but alas, the powers that be have noticed and want to penalise you because the amount raised in tax from drivers is on the decline.

And so, the CBI are offering a 'solution' which will see private companies taking the responsibility for running major roads and motorways. In return for their making our roads sparkly and news (and invariably covered in sponsorship), they'll recoup money from tolls. And the government LOVE this idea, with both Norman Baker, the Liberal Democrat transport minister, and Tory backbenchers clapping furiously at the notion.

"Every day, people up and down the UK lose time and money because of our clogged-up roads," says John Cridland, the CBI’s director general. "Whether you're a business waiting for an urgent delivery, or a commuter stuck in the morning rush-hour, gridlock is an all too familiar tale of life in the UK. With public spending checked, the case for new funding solutions is even more compelling, and the Government recognises this. Infrastructure matters to business, and delivering upgrades to our networks is one of the highest priorities for the CBI to get the economy moving again."

And train fares look like they'll be increasing too. Basically, if you ever want to leave the house to work or anything else, you're screwed.

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  • Oh d.
    The grammar and punctuation in this article is abysmal. Hire some better writers please.
  • Sicknote
    Fantastic news here - I've always been a big fan of pay as you drive so happily I won't be paying very much as I commute to work on the train.
  • Zleet
    Well privatising the infrastructure worked for the rail network .........oh wait. Also, nowhere in this article do you say what CBI stands for. I assume its some think tank or lobby group and not 'Cunting Bastards International'.
  • Pete
    "Posted by Sicknote • October 8, 2012 at 11:17 am Fantastic news here – I’ve always been a big fan of pay as you drive so happily I won’t be paying very much as I commute to work on the train." We ALREADY pay as we drive. It's called fuel tax. The more the drive, the more you pay the government for the privilege. Drive a car with a bigger engine, the more you pay. Simple, efficient tax to collect, and green even. Any other funding method are stupid.
  • Pete
    ^--p.s. Sorry about the bad typing in my missive, above - I'm on the bus.
  • The M.
    Yes everything is better when private companies run it. Buses. Trains. Security. Banking. Utilities. Education. Health. How about they just jam up the tax on high end cars instead?
  • Kevin
    You don't pay as you drive, as it says in the story the money isn't compartmentalised to going back to fund related things like road building. If this is brought in AND it is ringfenced to go back to those providing the services (whether private companies or the government) then you would have a point. 'How about they just jam up the tax on high end cars instead?' Because that wouldn't bring in the money, as with any tax it only really works when you have millions of people having to pay it.
  • Pete
    Posted by The Disaffected Massive • October 8, 2012 at 12:01 pm "How about they just jam up the tax on high end cars instead?" They already do: (1) by VAT on initial purchase and on parts, (2) on fuel duty as "high-end" cars often have lower MPG, (3) on road fund duty as "high-end" cars can have higher CO2 ratings.
  • Dick
    Think about the new jobs it will create for those people that sit next to the barriers, since they are not as efficient as an auto-toll gate. It'll get a few people off benefits, and out in the "fresh" air. And probably only 90% of the money taken will go abroad to the companies that will own our roads and do nothing to maintain them, apart from putting up signs saying they are maintaining our roads.
  • oliverreed
    @Pete, correct - everything should be taxed at the pump
  • zeddy
    They can fuck right off.
  • P O.
  • WBRacing
    Does this mean they will be getting rid of VED then? My left gonad they will.... They have allowed big out of town retail parks to grow (along with supermarkets) so most if not all of the small local grocers, butchers and bakers have gone so if you want anything you pretty much have to get into your over taxed car to go and get it. How about public transport? Nope, my local bus runs an bi-hourly service and costs a crazy amount to spend a long time not going very far. With a captive motor dependent audience, they can now tax to the hilt.

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