Thanks Fife Council, now I can legally break the law!

Bitterwallet - speeding Fife Council

Avid Bitterwallet reader Richard sent us this photo from Grange Road, the back road out of Dunfermline heading for Rosyth. Thanks to the over-zealous efforts of Fife Council, you can take your pick of which speed limit to ignore.


  • Sawyer
    Actually, you can ignore the 30. Speed markings on the road are there to help drivers who might miss the signs, but they're not legally binding.
  • Sean
    Funnily enough I had the exact same problem yesterday on the Westway in London - there were road signs showing 40 and 30 speed limits at the same point quite a few times - very confusing!
  • Alexis
    What's the betting this was once a 60 country road, that's been reduced to 40 and now the council want to make it 30. This policy has been in place for the last decade and it's a joke. You can tell these kind of roads because the vast majority of people still drive at a speed that is actually appropriate, instead of trundling along at 30 where the only danger is if a tree jumps out and mugs you.
  • upadogsarse
    lexus. bikes.
  • Admiral
    Nissan, isn't it? Quasqui or however it is spelt.
  • Barry C.
    nissan. bikes.
  • U J.
    Bikes in Scotland? He clearly must have nicked them, nobody rides a bike in Scotland
  • Martin
    It looks like this was taken by the driver of the vehicle, presumably using a mobile phone. Where's the sign that legitimises that action?
  • Troll
    Could it be the signs has been turned 180 degrees and that the 30 limit signs is on the other side out of sight...oh the mind boggles
  • Fossii
    It's actually a really dangerous road at 40. I used to use it every day to work so I wouldn't be surprised if they were putting it down to 30
  • RichardCurran
    Fossi i past my test on this road at 60... like everything its polital correctness gone mad. . Next we'll not be allowed to tie our shoes for fear we may hurt our back lol
  • PC P.
    I am concerned that the driver who took this photo appears to have been driving whilst using a mobile phone or indeed a fully fledged camera. I ask bitterwallet to forward me the details so that he can be prosecuted and scapegoated in accordance with UK (for now, Scottish soon) law.

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