Tesla recalling 90,000 cars over seatbelt problem

tesla Tesla are recalling all 90,000 of its Model S sedan cars worldwide, so they can check for a defect in the cars' front seatbelts. The company say that the cost of this is "immaterial".

There are some cars in the UK, but most of the vehicles are in America, with some in Asia, and the rest of Europe also. The recall is happening after a report showed a seatbelt assembly breaking, when a customer was using it.

A spokesman said there had been no accidents or injuries related to this, and added: "Our investigation was unable to reveal any root cause. We are going to look at every single car. We expect the vast majority of seatbelts to be fine."

So, if you're a Tesla driver, you will have already got an email from them, or be getting one imminently. Check your spam folders just in case. There, you'll be asked to get your car looked at, at a service centre, where they'll inspect the bolt that attaches the seat belt mechanism to the body of the car.

This follow the fires that are continuing with Vauxhall Zafira cars, with a recall ongoing.

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