Takata engineers cheated airbag test data

Takata cheated airbag test data

The airbag scandal that concerned Takata resulted in the biggest car recall in history.

Honda have done an audit into the whole thing, and the news gets worse - turns out Takata Corp. engineers routinely manipulated results of their airbag inflator tests.

It has been reported that Takata engineers removed some test results, according to Brian O'Neill who Takata and Honda jointly hired to conduct the audit.

He says: "We have found examples of what I would call 'selective editing,' where they have left out results not because they were bad results, but because the results that remained were better."

"We found evidence that the report that went to Honda was a shorter version of the original version, and it was a prettier shortened version."

This could result in even more cars with Takata airbags being recalled.

"Takata has previously acknowledged and deeply regrets issues related to the integrity of Takata's inflator validation testing and reporting of test results to its customers," said Jared Levy, a spokesman for the company. "These issues are totally incompatible with Takata's engineering standards and protocols and entirely inexcusable."

The fact that these faulty airbags caused the death of some motorists will only make this news even more galling for some.

There's been 15 reported deaths linked to the defective airbags in question, after they ruptured, spraying plastic and metal shards at those in the vehicles. There's also been over a hundred injuries that have been caused by these airbags.

While Honda are going through this audit, Toyota are still weighing the situation up. Another Takata customer, Nissan, said that they're not making any comment on the whole thing.

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