Suzuki says they've had fuel testing issues... but they've not been cheating

Suzuki fuel emissions

The fuel emissions scandal is not going away, and Suzuki have said that they have found "discrepancies" in their fuel and emissions tests.

However, they are keen to point out that they're not cheating. They didn't do it on purpose, honest!

The Japanese car manufacturer said that their testing method for 16 models wasn't in-line with official regulations. They pointed out that the new tests showed that there's no need to change the data they obtain from original tests.

"Any wrongdoing, such as manipulation of fuel efficiency data, were not found," Suzuki said.

This follows the news that Mitsubishi had fudged fuel economy data for their vehicles. The fallout of this will see Mitsubishi president, Tetsuro Aikawa, stepping down.

As well as this, Japan's transport ministry had ordered that all of their car makers present their compliance with government testing methods.

The result of this Suzuki news is that their shares have fallen 9% in value. The problematic tests go back to 2010, with 2.1 million vehicles affected.

Of course, this was all kicked off by Volkswagen, who confessed to cheating emissions tests, which is ending up in huge fines and numerous recalls and problems for the company.

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