Surrey Police try their hand at rapping

Surrey Police, for some reason, have taken it upon themselves to start rapping. Being the po-po, they're not rapping about making it rain on strippers or anything fun like that, rather, the dangers of driving in wet weather.


This humorous message was in relation to the cheerily horrific 130-car pile-up on the Isle of Sheppey Crossing in Kent yesterday, with several motorists taken to hospital.



  • HW
    We are talking about it... so it appears to have had the desired affect.
  • jim
    in the words of NWA: "fuck the police"
  • jokester
    So this is what the police are doing instead of investigating crimes??? I did wonder what they were doing all this time
  • Tits M.
    Trying their hand at raping would have made a more interesting article.
  • Steve
    I hope that whoever is responsible for this, is sacked.
  • Chewbied
    Po Po? Piss off Moff
  • Kapitein Z.
    WTF is dis real ?
  • What T.
    @cdm really? Is that the best you could do? A number of your words are redundant as they essentially mean the same thing. For example, retarded/spacca, tiny/small. Full marks for effort, but not the execution. You fucking moron.

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