Superstitious learner drivers seem a bit mental

l plate People learning to drive feel like they need all the luck they can get, which has made some of them weirdly superstitious.

And the AA Driving School has created a list of some of the more peculiar rituals for getting luck on test day, which are way beyond wearing lucky socks and such.

One student got her mother to crack an egg on each tyre before they took their test, which another complete lunatic spent the last lesson parking up and standing on drain covers every time they spotted them in pairs.

In the case of the latter, you might think they failed their test for being a complete nuisance on the road, but alas, both eggy wheels and drain coverist both passed their tests. Feel free to complain about the quality of driving these days, compared specifically to when you got your licence.

Learner driver Will Law, aged 17, is hoping it is his skill behind the wheel that gets him his licence: "I'm not superstitious at all. I have never been. I could see why people would do those little things before their test because it's quite nerve-wracking and intense I guess for many people."

While Will Law sounds completely sane, his driving instructor believes in magic, specifically the kind of luck that is brought from a monkey toy. Mr Martin said: "Monkey always sits in the back, and I always tell them monkey knows that they can pass and he is waiting for them to pass."

"Other rituals I have is I always get them to book their test for the morning ... usually 9.07am, sometimes 10.14am - whatever they feel comfortable with. If it works, it's safe and you drive to the right specification to pass the test then you will pass whether it's Friday the 13th, first thing on a Monday or last thing on a Friday."

Other people have done things like wave at magpies while driving, while one lady insisted on wearing a t-shirt she wore when she gave birth to her daughter - hopefully it was washed.

So there you have it - Britain is filled with people who crack raw eggs on wheels, wear placenta covered t-shirts and believe in the power of toy monkeys. No wonder we're doomed.

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