Supermarkets trumpet diesel price cut - not so quick to tell us when it goes up though

petrol_guage Want cheaper diesel? Good news everyone - supermarkets are offering just that, announcing that recent falls in wholesale prices will be reflected at the pumps.

With that, a small price war has ensued with Morrisons first to offer cheaper fuel, taking off 2p per litre. Sainsbury's, Asda and Tesco soon got in on the action.

It isn't all good news though as motoring groups have noticed that fuel prices are still wildly varying from postcode to postcode.

The AA said: "Although the reduction in the price of diesel is very welcome, the question is to what extent this is reflected in rural areas where it is essential for country business and activities."

"There is traditionally a springtime fall in the cost of diesel as the demand for heating oil, which comes from the same part of the oil barrel, drops off."

Still, with an improved exchange rate and better wholesale prices, in addition to a rise in fuel duty being cancelled last September, any savings aren't to be sniffed at. Wholesale petrol prices are also currently falling, which could mean a 1p drop in petrol prices. Not a life changing amount, but definitely better than a kick in the stones.


  • chigley
    Whoopee fuckin' do £1.39 a litre instead of £1.41 I'll not hold my breath waiting for the street parties
  • Zeddy
    Get out there and look for one. I've heard the Maggie one is popular at the moment.
  • biggeoffc
    In Christchurch, Dorset petrol is 137.9p per litre. A few miles away in Bournemouth and Poole, Dorset it is only 134.9p. Why? Since the con of making us buy in litres instead of gallons people seem to not bother converting the amounts. Once upon a time they would boycott a petrol station that charged a couple of pence more per gallon than local rivals. Now they seem prepared to accept a difference of nearly 15p a gallon without batting an eyelid.

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