Supermarket's car wash destroys car

BMW A businessman is on the warpath with Morrisons after his car was destroyed by the supermarket's car wash.

David Elliott was in the process of enjoying a £6.99 wash and wax of his new £75,000 BMW (a bit like this one pictured) at the Morrisons branch in Evesham, Worcestershire.

It was when the back window shattered, that he realised that this wasn't part of the service.

Part of the car wash mechanism had got snagged the lower edge of the car's boot. However the safety mechanism that usually kicks in to cut the machine off didn't work, and the car wash rollers carried on.

When Mr Elliott drove his car out of the machine, he then noticed the full extent of the damage, which he has since been quoted £4,000 to have it fixed.

Now Mr Elliott claims that Morrisons are refusing to accept liability. A claim disputed by the supermarket, who say they have not yet finished their investigation into the incident.

"I called Morrisons customer services immediately telling them what had happened and within a week they had basically denied liability."

"They didn’t even send somebody to look at my car. The car wash was broken by the incident. But they got an engineer in who presumably just pushed the reset button and said the car wash was fine."

"Morrisons said to me they didn’t deny that the incident took place but because the car wash was fine beforehand and now the engineer said it’s working, it’s not their liability. They are completely washing their hands of it."

There's probably some gag about a company washing their hands of a car wash incident, but now's not the time. However, next time he wants his car cleaning, he might have more joy if he goes for a good old fashioned hand-job.


  • James
    What sort of a bell end puts a brand new car through a car wash, at least just give it to the Poles for a hand wash if you cant be bothered to do it yourself.
  • therealslimkaty
    Destroyed? Really? Sick to death of idiots with their dramatic titles. Destroyed would be the smoking shell of the car surrounded by ash, not the back windscreen shattered and some damage to the boot.
    The moral of the story is dont use Morrison's car wash.
  • Mr M.
    It's not his £75k car, he's got it on lease to impress his friends.
  • KTF
    My money is on the roller triggering the boot release - which is the BMW badge - so Morrisons were right in that there was no problem with the car wash itself.
  • DrJogalog
    A 75 grand car through a roller car wash? What a gonk!
  • God
    Not sure if they still display them, but there used to be a sign at most car washes stating that you used it "at your own risk".
  • FooFan73
    A BMW owner? Looking to blame someone else and being a bit arrogant in the process? Inconceivable!
  • James D.
    Just claim through your insurer, they will sue morrisons, that's how this all works.
  • Noghar
    @God - disclaimers like that mean sweet FA. If it's their fault it's their fault no matter what posters they put up.
  • Glyn
    @james As a professional car detailer I would recommend not taking a 75k car, or any car for that matter, to hand washes by the side of the road. It's just as bad as the machine washes, they have no insurance and will deny all responsibility when your car gets scratched. If you work hard for the things you own, take care of them properly. Hire a professional insured detailer who knows how to wash a car without scratching it at all and who can correct the scratches you already have. Bad wash techniques used by these cheap hand wash guys are wearing away the clear coat on your paint which will eventually remove the UV inhibitors in your lacquer. UV inhibitors are what stop the sun from fading the paint on your car. Tie this in with the fact that your car is constantly being scratched by mucky cloths that are used on around 75 - 150 cars a day and this compounds the effect of a dull finish. The flatter the surface the more light can bounce back into your eyes and the shinier your car looks. When you take your car to these hand washes you're essentially watching someone scratch your car, and then you roll down your window and pay them for it.
  • Slacker
    A car wash with taste then. On behalf of motorcyclists everywhere I say well done!

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