Spoilsport DVLA ban rude number plates

japanese_car The DVLA have decided to ban a bunch of new number plates because they spell out rude words like BO11 CKS and BU62 GER.

Censors at the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency meet twice a year to decide which combinations need blocking. Also on the list are anything that might spell out 'bum', 'arse', 'slags', 'drugs' and, bizarrely, 'bonk'.

One specific ban is a plate that would read 'BB11 TCH'. You can't have anything ending in 'KOK' either.

The DVLA also take umbrage with terrorist phrases like HO57AGE, and MU11 AHS.

Irritatingly, you are allowed to have WTF and LMFAO, which is far most irritating and offensive than 'bum'.

A spokesman for the DVLA said: “We have a responsibility to ensure that the combinations used do not cause offence.” Christ knows what these motoring prudes think of 'honk if you bonk' stickers.


  • Ian
    Instead of banning them, they should put them up for sale and immediately revoke the driving license of any twunt who tries to buy them, as they are obviously too unintelligent and immature to be allowed in control of a vehicle.
  • Yubbs B.
    Although already illegal DVLA wants to come down on the wankers that modify their numbers plates using fonts and spacing that make the words easier to read. The Police need to get some balls too and get off their fucking lazy arses and pull the cars over for such too.
  • The t.
    ^^^ Really? You'd sooner have the police spend their time dealing with something as trivial as illegal font and/or spacing than have them dealing with more important traffic offences such as tailgating, undertaking & intimidating driving practices?
  • Big M.
    ^ yeah I mean what harm can disguising you car registration do? Brian Cant's reg - C4NTS. With a screw after the 'T'. True fact.
  • The t.
    I agree that deliberately making your number plate hard to read is a shitty thing to do by the person I respondded to is acting like it's the worst traffic crime ever when there's far worse ones A number plate with an illegal font won't put me at any risk but some prick driving his Audi like a knob, moving into my stopping distance or cutting me up on a road just so he can shave a few seconds off his journey time could cause me to swerve or brake abruptly causing an accident or harm to myself and/or passengers
  • Grammar N.
    A number plate with an illegal font might make the number harder to read, so if the driver is involved in an accident they can be harder to trace - so it isn't the trivial offence most think it is.
  • Stuart
    Best reg I've even seen was SUK 8oBY
  • Sicknote
    I'm after a B16 CNT if anyone has one.
  • I m.
    @Stewpot English tossers on here won't get that. The fucking morons. Ps One day I brought a number plate and put it in my draw. A few days late I took it outside and almost immediately dropped it on the floor. I had to have a can of Tennants to calm my nerves. Of course, I axed my mom first.
  • Matt
    Best I've ever seen was PEN 15
  • Clunge
    C1 JNT is still out there.
  • Mike O.
    @Clunge Really? I thought he was in here posting under various nom-de-plumes related to star wars wookies.
  • digibanger
    ST51 NKY its there for £999 not a fan but I saw H18S FC thought was good if you like bad football P

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