Speeding video shows 28 kids being killed

Road safety adverts and videos about speeding are often treading the fine line of taste and trying hit the viewer hard with a message that will last.

This week, the Northern Ireland Department of the Environment showed off their video to encourage drivers to slow down with perhaps the most shocking awareness video yet.

The message is incredibly clear - the equivalent of a classroom full of children have been killed in speeding accidents since 2000.

You can watch the video below, but be warned, it does contain graphic content and may distress some of you. Seriously. This is so grim that it would absolutely be the depressing clip shown amongst the laughs on Tarrant on TV.

Mark Durkan, Northern Ireland’s Minister for Road Safety, said: "The aim of this campaign is to challenge and dispel, once and for all, through this emotional and uncomfortable message, the false perceptions that many road users have as to the truly horrifying consequences of speeding."

Does the advert go too far? Do you think it is perfect to show the gravity of the situation? Are you jaded by countless horror films and hoped for more blood and limbs swinging from trees?

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  • Han S.
    "Get stuck in the comments and let us know" - Maybe if you didn't moderate every comment we could - We only modify comments that are libel or abusive - BW
  • DragonChris
    Personally I thought it wasn't graphic enough, the cluster of bodies is too clean - one would expect more mangling, blood and such. They have the right idea, but could have capitalized on the brutality to further the message and REALLY shock people. Also, the odds of cleaning out an entire classroom are astronomical, making the advert rather funny to those with a darker sense of humour. Overall though, it's a good idea and a good advert to highlight that even if you don't see people nearby, behind that wall could be anyone - some comments have been saying it's too graphic, they've gone too far etc. Those people apparently don't live in the real world where children die (as I said though, the chances of taking out a school in 1 fell swoop isn't exactly realistic).
  • Alexis
    But what speed was he doing? That road looked like a 60 road and he was probably doing about that. So am I supposed to tootle around on decent roads like in the video? That'll just cause people to get frustrated and try to overtake in stupid places. Do we then get videos showing the dangers of overtaking with head-on collisions?
  • james
    hi dragonchris i see your point but here in northern ireland road deaths are up at the min due to speeding mainly but it is motorcycles and people cycling that are hit the most but i know that there has been 2 cyclists being killed in one town within 6 months.one by a young teenager and the other by an ambulance and there have been around 6 people killed in car accidents within one county since start of year.it is tragic to see the way people drive now a days and see how reckless it is.as per the add it is to hit home and there have been roughly 30 people being killed on ni roads but this is a guess but defo no less as it could be more.the adds have been on channel 4 and itv more frequently since the second week of january.to
  • jim
    true han solo - hard to discuss when comments dont show up for ages - We only moderate stuff when it is abusive or libel. BW
  • Ste
    I used to work in youth services with RoadRunners, a pre-predriver (14-15 year olds) programme. Video clips such as this (in addition to other tools as well) were used then and some more graphic as well - it was always satisfying to hear the sharp intake of breath from 50-odd young people full of hormones and bolshiness when they saw stuff like this. RoadRunners had a lasting effect on road safety in Somerset. Most UK videos don't go far enough - have a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2mf8DtWWd8 - the Australian Christmas campaign from 2009. This was the sort of stuff we'd show in RoadRunners, hence why it really made people think and had a lasting, positive effect. Could I suggest you give over 5 minutes of your time and watch that clip. And before the assumption is made I'm some whining old person with nowt better to do with their time, I'm 32 and worked on the RoadRunners programme voluntarily for 5 years, working with over 20,000 young people, none of whom said they'd regretted being part of RoadRunners.
  • Mr M.
    Fake, you can tell by the pixels.
  • DragonChris
    @ James - I'm also in NI, currently sitting in my office in Belfast. I don't quite get the point of your comment though - are you just making a statement or are you disagreeing/conversing with me about my thoughts? If so, I don't see how the facts of increased road deaths conflict with my thoughts at all - I think it's a good campaign, my point was simply that it wasn't graphic enough, lacked real shock factor and could have been even better. Personally, I thought their previous advert showing the numerous near misses then ending with the pensioner being killed outside the grocery shop at Stranmillis was more effective as it did have some shock factor and was very relatable to everyone.
    hi dragonchris i am just making a statement as to what i have said.yes agree the ad is bad but the add is stating that since 2000 a classroom of children had been killed,the add does not show speeding but it is the worst attempt of an add i have ever seen.but the more they show this kind of adds it does not hit home as there are more people speeding as the statistics are around 30 people or so have been killed on ni roads this year alone,most speeding.the doe need to invest money on proper believable adds.yes i agree the other adds are more better at hitting home. this is a song by gerry flanagan and if you see the video it is probably better than this add,and is aimed at young people who speed.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6nMU3_k4BA

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