Smoking ban in England if you have kids in the car

11 February 2015

cigarette Remember when we told you that you wouldn't be allowed to smoke in your car if you had children in it? Well, we weren't having you on as from 1st October, drivers will be banned from smoking if they've got children as passengers in their vehicle.

What constitutes a child? Anyone under 18 years old. So, potentially, they might already be chunging 20 Lamberts a day, but you won't be able to light up.

There's already a similar ban in Wales and Scotland are also thinking about following suit.

If you're found ignoring the rule, then you could be on the end of a £50 fine. If you're driving alone, the rules don't apply to you (although, you wouldn't bet against a ban on smoking in cars at all, coming into place). If you have a convertible and have the top down, you won't get fined either.

These new regulations were passed in the Commons with 342 MPs voted in favour, and 74 against.

Public Health Minister, Jane Ellison, said: "Three million children are exposed to second hand smoke in cars, putting their health at risk. We know that many of them feel embarrassed or frightened to ask adults to stop smoking which is why the regulations are an important step in protecting children from the harms of second hand smoke."

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  • Liz d.
    i would like to know how are they going to police this ban, not that I don't agree with the ban I do, but they can't police drivers using mobile phones so will be interesting to see how many they actually catch smoking while children are in the car .
  • Mosskeeto
    It will never be enforced for long, smoking was banned in commercial vehicles if others used them and I see lorry/van/passengers smoking all the time. I even saw a bus driver smoking in an empty bus today.. Police will be too busy to do much about it, much like mobile usage, fog light abusers, etc
  • Andy W.
    its understandable with children in the car, but i think people should be aloud to smoke in their car. If a Law comes into place about that then ill be very upset, angry ect. Its my car my life, my choices. Mp's should help the nhs, help the homeless, get rid of insurence for everything, pay people who work a proper wage. Give Health care more support, bring the death penalty for murderers, rapists ect. Then people might have a deterent to stop them From commiting crimes.
  • David R.
    Wtf so its not bad enough the crappy government tells us how to live they are going to try stop people smoking in their own vehicles they have paid for and own kiss my ass government
  • Curious
    So I'm curious you have a 16/17/18 year old passenger who smokes their own cigarettes is the driver going to get fined? What about if the driver is 18 and smoking??
  • monkkeyhanger
    So you'll be able to smoke with kids in the car if you have a convertible with the top down? Lets not give the kids 2nd hand smoke, but hypothermia is fine as an alternative as the parents drive around in their Megane convertible at 7:30 on a mid-January morning for the school run. I can see a rush on convertible cars coming this summer.
  • Christine
    Why wait until October ??? It should have been done as soon as they worked out how harmful secondary smoke is!!!! About 15 years ago. £50 fine is not enough either.
  • tracy b.
    its a joke , not that i disagree , but as a smoker i will always smoke in my own vehicle . the government just need another excuse to raise more funds rather than deal with real crimes which cost money to do. can you imagine the amount of road rage there will be too.
  • Jenni
    I drive but a none smoker, it should be no one can smoke in the car while children are there not just the driver! It's a great idea no one should smoke while kids are around
  • James
    Monkey hanger! People choose to smoke! No pressure so passing it on to others is wrong! Do you want your kids to smoke? Nobody said its fine to give your kids hypothermia If you had a convertible , would you really have the roof down at 7:30 am on a January morning? I know I wouldn't! This law is a great one and should be made no smoking in cars at all! If you can't handle not smoking in your car then you need to re-evaluate your life!
  • Fagin
    good news, should have been sorted decades ago
  • Alan s.
    I'm more shocked that 74 MP's voted against this. I'm an ex smoker but personally it's only the lower rougher class who smoke.
  • Shiftynifty not smoke
  • laura p.
    I don't know how this will be enforced but I do think its wonderful that children are getting some rights when it comes to their health. My parents smoked in the car when I was little and I hated it, I would whinge and get very upset. Parents who do it are incredibly selfish
  • Mark W.
    Will this boost the sale of 'e-cigarettes'?
  • monkeyhanger
    James! I don't smoke, nor would I ever buy a car that had previously been in a smoker's ownership as it'll stink. It won't get policed, policing is done with cameras now to get speeding fines out of people, actual bobbies on the road seeing people doing illegal things (driving without a seatbelt, talking on a mobile etc) doesn't happen. Saying it is fine for people in convertibles is a cop out - ban it in the car full stop. I'm amazed smoking is allowed from the point of view of it being a distraction while driving. If you can be pulled for taking a swig of pop at the wheel or eating a banana, then surely the act of pulling a tab out of its box, holding it in your mouth and fumbling for a lighter, and also flicking the ash into an ashtray (or more frequently, out of a window and all over the bonnet of the car behind) while driving is every bit as bad, if not worse as a distraction.
  • judith
    Having seen first hand the devastating effects of alcohol abuse on drinkers and their families can we ban that as well. and whilst we are banning things how about macdonalds KFC all fast food places sugar in everything and additives. These cause as much and probably more damage than secondary smoking. oh and make an hrs exercise a day law for everyone.
  • pete
    It's the people that have abused children's health for so long that has imposed this ban children's health should come first I don't think it goes far enough what about people who smoke in cars and children get into a car full of smoke is that ok then ?
  • Spencer
    Yes smokers have a choice if they wish to smoke. However, children sat in the back DON'T have a choice of breathing it in - should you choose to light up. And Judith - As far as I'm aware, nobody has ever gotten 'secondary' atherosclerosis or heart disease from someone else eating junk food. You can surround yourself with people who only eat KFC and McD's - and I'm quite sure that you'll be ok.
  • me
    Banned from smoking in your own home next.
  • Jessie J.
    Somebody think of the children!! Oh, you are. Right then I'll get me coat. Bang Bang, all over you!!
  • Father J.
    > Banned from smoking in your own home next. If you've got kids, you fucking well should be!

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