Should drivers be stopped from photographing accidents?

car crash Collectively, all of our lives are gaspingly dull. 99% of our lives involves gawping at the TV or shovelling swill into our already opened mouths, then defecating while writing edgy, sweary comments at the foot of online articles.

The 1% features interesting things that other people do. Our lives are lightened up by happenstance where we find ourselves in the presence of greatness. Like a gig. Or someone falling down a manhole.

Drivers can't speed or black out their windows, so the only excitement they get is taking photographs of accidents. And soon, that won't even be a thing.

The police say that motorists caught snapping crash scenes from behind the wheel could face prosecution.

Officers at the scene of a collision on the A45 noted that drivers were capturing images of the crash as they drove past. In return, the officers got a camera of their own and photographed the pap-drivers right back, and they're going to call them in for driving offences.

Inspector Jen Helm said: "We will now be seeking prosecutions against those people. I am amazed people think there is nothing wrong with using their mobile phones to take pictures while driving, and secondly that they think it is in any way appropriate or respectful to the victims of that collision."

"What might be a great Facebook update for one person could picture the spot where someone's daughter or father took their last breath. Using your mobile phone while driving can, and does, lead to serious injury and sometimes fatal road traffic collisions."

"The drivers we photographed all gambled with other people's lives that day. When it does go wrong, I promise no photograph in the world will make the family of the victim think it was worth it."


  • Richard
    surely this already is an offence? you're not allowed to use your phone whilst driving, whether its to call someone/send a text/take a picture of an accident... As far as should it be illegal to specifically take a picture of an accident, say if you were a passenger and not a driver, then no i don't think so. It might not be tasteful but you can't make things illegal just because they're not tasteful :-P
  • Testing123
    Prosecute them all - every last one of them. Utter wankers.
  • james
    as it stand only people in the accidents are allowed to photograph the accident,police do not allow but insurance companies have it in there terms and conditions to photograph the damage and draw a map as quickly as possible,but to be safe about it.
  • boff m.
  • The T.
    If it's a public place you are allowed to photograph - just not when driving,
  • coot
    dashcam FTW

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