Should drive-texting become part of the test? Probably not

3 May 2012

Let’s not mince our words here – anyone who uses a mobile phone while driving is the worst kind of scum alive and should have their skin slowly removed with acid and replaced with empty salt and vinegar crisp packets. Too much? We don’t think so.

With that in mind, here’s a stunt that was pulled by some Belgians called Responsible Young Drivers. They got some poor sods who were supposedly taking their driving tests to have the experience enhanced with a ‘text while you drive’ test. It’s not pretty. Don’t text and drive kids, or your dick* might fall off. (*or female equivalent)

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  • Mike H.
    So BMW/Audi drivers then? I tell these dicks to put their phone down all the time. They just look at me like I've asked if I can dip my dick in their pint.
  • The B.
    Tsk, those Belgians are rubbish, ask anyone under 25 to do that in London and they'll pull out a pack of fags, spark one up, smoke with one hand, text with the other and steer with their knees, how I wish I wasn't joking.
  • Phuck Y.
    Don't get me started on people who smoke in cars.
  • Dick
    If you look closely you can see Poirot and Tintin.
  • The C.
    How else will I txt my mates innit? I has a quick shmoke in da car before I gets to the pub and betting shop. Sent from my iPad whilst driving
  • Rob
    Are the smurfs from Belgium too?
  • J C.
    If I can drive sewing a button on and my mate can drive in a sleeping bag completely safely then these muppets from Belgium must be totally useless. Lets ban all Belgiums from the roads to make things safer! And on that bombshell, thanks for watching, goodnight!
  • Mof G.
    I actually knock a sly one out while I'm driving, at the same time as enjoying a good, meaty spliff. If I can multi task while driving, anyone can. Fucking light-weights.
  • Mental
    Why are all of these foreign adverts on screen text in english? Idiots.
  • Wee K.
  • lumoruk
    I can't exactly text when I have a damn sexy child on my lap, now can I?!
  • Dick
    The smurfs are from Pandora.

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