Should diesel drivers by paid £1,000 to scrap their cars?

car scrap Do you own a diesel car? Well, you could be paid a grand to scrap it if Boris Johnson gets his way.

He's trying to tackle air pollution [insert satirical joke about his needless emissions and hot air here] and wrote about this £1,000 scrap scheme to the House of Commons' Environmental Audit Committee, who are looking into the air quality of the capital.

This proposal builds on the national scrappage scheme which was introduced in 2009 which offered drivers of vehicles over 10 years old £1,000 toward a new car. This initiative ended in 2010, but Johnson wants it back.

"A national scrappage scheme for diesel and other polluting vehicles is now needed as a priority in order to compensate people who have bought polluting diesel vehicles in good faith, as well as to drive forward air quality improvements," the submission reads.


As you know, there's already a load of guff about doling out on-the-spot pollution fines to those who keep their motors running while stationary (of course, those giving the fines out will have their engines running while stationary, just for peak farce) and there's suggestions that diesel drivers will have to pay an extra £10 per day on top of London's congestion charge.

That said, diesel cars do pump out more soot and nitrogen dioxide, so it isn't surprising that it is being looked into.

It is little wonder that London isn't expected to comply with EU legal air pollution limits until after 2030 - at least 20 years after the original 2010 deadline set by the European Commission.

So, fancy scrapping your diesel car and getting £1,000 in return, so you can buy an old petrol banger which is probably just as bad for the environment?


  • Mark W.
    You could stop all diesel cars coming into London but what about the buses and taxis?
  • Ray P.
    Boris Johnson is a complete and utter bell-end
  • Life’s G.
    I thought the article was reporting that Boris wants to offer ‘£1,000 towards a new car’ and not ‘so you can buy an old petrol banger’. Come on Bitterwallet... please?
  • Pie M.
    "Boris Johnson is a complete and utter bell-end" He is, and more worryingly, he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. If he ever manages to become leader of the Tory party, there's no telling how many of the cloth-headed population of the UK would vote for him. We've already seen how easily the Londonists fell for the act.
  • Jules
    It's about time that diesel was penalised. It has always been more polluting than petrol - with particulates and nitrogen dioxide. CO2 is not a pollutant - plants love it ! When TfL introduced its London-wide Low Emission Zone, one might have thought air quality would improve. But van and lorry drivers have been put to unnecessary expense for the wrong emission. By focussing on CO2 while ignoring the real pollutant, government bureaucrats and their "special advisers" have a lot to answer for.

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